August 19

Press Release | 19th August 2016

Published August 19, 2016

Players, Supporters, Sponsors and Members of the Lindfield Rugby Community,

Following the lodgement of our appeal to the Board of the NSW Suburban Rugby Union on 11 August 2016, we have received notice that our appeal will be heard on Thursday 25 August 2016 at 7pm.

Over the past two weeks, Lindfield Senior Rugby Club has received thousands of letters, emails, phone calls, and text messages offering support and encouragement of the club’s standing within the community. We are hopeful of a positive outcome at the hearing that will see our fantastic club continue to prosper in 2017 and beyond.

An update on the outcome of the appeal will be distributed as it becomes available.

Yours in rugby,
Tristan Warner
Appeals Sub Committee Chairman
Former President (2007-2009)

August 12

Press Release | 12th August 2016

Published August 12, 2016

Players, Supporters, Sponsors and Members of the Lindfield Rugby Community,

Further to the press release issued on 9 August 2016, I am pleased to announce the following past and present club members have been formerly appointed to the Appeals Sub-Committee;

Tristan Warner (Former President 2007-2009)
Tim Curtin (Former Club Captain 2006-2010)
Paul Reimer (Former Colts / 1st Grade Coach 2002-2004)
Leon d’Apice (Former Club President 1990-1995, Secretary 1983-1989 and Life Member)
John “Junior” McElroy (Former President 2005-2006 and Life Member)
Karl Nixon (Former Club Captain 1988, Treasurer 1989-1992)

Lindfield Senior Rugby Club is extremely fortunate to have a wealth of experience navigating us through the events at hand. I would also like to thank the numerous other people that have provided assistance over the past week.

With regard to an appeal, I can confirm that, in conjunction with the Club’s legal advisors, a formal appeal of the decision issued by the NSWSRU Integrity Committee on 5 August 2016 was lodged yesterday, 11 August 2016. We now await the response of the Board of the NSW Suburban Rugby Union and will provide further updates as information comes to hand.

It is important that as a community we all come together for each other to communicate and take care of our fellow members. This Club is built on comradery, mateship and love for the game of Rugby Union. Whilst these latest events have tried and tested each of you in different ways over the past week, the Appeals Sub-Committee wants to assure you that everything is being done to ensure that the future of the Club, and the game of Rugby Union itself, is advanced and promoted in the years to come.

Thank you all again for your on-going support.

Yours in rugby,

Tristan Warner
Appeals Sub Committee Chairman
Former President (2007-2009)

August 9

Press Release | 9th August 2016

Published August 9, 2016

Players, Supporters, Sponsors and Members,

Further to the events that transpired last Friday 5th August, a subcommittee of experienced past and present members has now engaged with the NSW Suburban Rugby Union via several informative and helpful discussions regarding the matters at hand.

We are now cognisant of the appeal avenues available to the club, along with associated time frames and requirements. The appointed subcommittee is now in the process of formalising an appeal to the NSW Suburban Rugby Union and further updates on this process will be provided in the coming days.

Unfortunately, regardless of any appeal lodged, the hearing of that appeal will not be able to occur prior to this weekend’s finals fixtures and as such there is no prospect of any Lindfield teams competing in the 2016 finals series.

On behalf of Lindfield Senior Rugby Club, I wish to thank all supporters for their messages of encouragement and reassure you that all steps are being taken to ensure the immediate and long-term success and viability of our great club.

Yours in rugby,

Tristan Warner
Appeals Sub Committee Chairman
Former LRU President (2007-2009)

August 7


Published August 7, 2016

As many of you will be aware, at 6pm on Friday August 5th 2016, Lindfield Senior Rugby Club was informed by the NSWSRU Integrity Committee that the club had been found to have breached the Amateur Status Policy. As a result, amongst other sanctions, Lindfield Senior Rugby Club will not be participating in any further rugby matches for the remainder of the 2016 Division 1 season.

In summary, the findings relate to a player who was remunerated $600 by a member of the Lindfield Committee from his own pocket and without the knowledge of the rest of Committee, to play three 2nd grade games and as a substitute in two 1st grade games.

The sanctions imposed are disappointing for all our players, supporters, sponsors and members of our community, particularly for those teams who were in contention to play finals footy this year. We deeply regret that these events have had such a devastating effect on our mates.

While we acknowledge the findings of the NSWSRU Integrity Committee, we would like to emphasise that the current Committee was unaware of the matters that have lead to this finding until recently. In light of the seriousness of the situation, the Committee considers it is in the best interests of the Club that they stand down to allow an interim board of experienced internal and external Lindfield community members to be formed and consider the best course of action moving forward.

Although the current LRU Committee considers the penalties handed down by the NSWSRU Integrity Committee are excessive and ought to be appealed, it will be up to the interim board to review and determine the most appropriate course of action in the coming days.

Lindfield Senior Rugby Club is proudly 97 years old, having been founded by Australian military servicemen returning home following World War One. This is a tough time for our club however we will come through this hardship stronger than ever. We appreciate everyone’s messages of support.


Byron Stuntz

July 15


Published July 15, 2016

Dear Lindfield Rugby Club Member,

Tomorrow marks our annual LRU Ladies Day.

Ladies; a ticket to this fantastic day will have your lunch and drinks sorted for the whole day in your own private tent as well as a special goodies bag on arrival and plenty of entertainment.
Former Players; this is a great day to celebrate the women in our lives, and get around some fantastic Rugby on the field vs KNOX.

We have Rugby, Player Auctions, Goody Bags, Minsky’s Piano Man, Signed Jersey Raffles, Monikas Puppy Rescue, welcome cocktails, and it goes on and on! We also have some current LRU merchandise for sale all day tomorrow.

Schedule for the day:

10:45am – Fourth Grade
11:45am – Third Grade
12:45pm – Colts
2pm – Second Grade
3:15pm – First Grade
5:10pm – Speeches
6:pm – Player Charity Auction
8:40pm – Bus to GreenGate

Tickets for the ladies can be bought at this link for $40, buy them now to avoid paying $50 on the day!

A great day of rugby will be capped off by heading to the Greatest Pub on Earth The GreenGate Hotel after.

All are welcome!


Old Soldier.

July 9

Games Moved to Wakehurst

Published July 9, 2016

All games v Balmain will be played at the regular times at Wakehurst Rugby Club.

July 8


Published July 8, 2016

It’s that time of the year again when we hit the business end off the season, on and off the field. Here’s what’s coming up over the the next couple of weekends…

LRU Poker Night :: July 9th at the Greengage Hotel

Back by popular demand we have the 2016 edition of Poker night. We have secured a private room at the Greengate and as per last year will have some significant cash prizes available to the winner. Numbers are limited to 45 players and is open to non players. Buy in is $50 and please click through the link and book your seat.

As an early bird special those that pay by the 20th of June will receive extra chips on arrival.

Ladies Day 2016 :: July 16th v Knox

The greatest Ladies Day on the planet!! Clear your schedules and save the date because this is seriously the best day of the year! Ladies, a ticket to this fantastic day will have your lunch and drinks sorted for the whole day in your own private tent as well as a special goodies bag on arrival and plenty of entertainment.

Tickets can be bought at this link for $40, buy them now to avoid paying $50 on the day!

Ladies you can also look forward to the charity bachelor player auction where you can earn yourself a date with one of the finest old soldier’s around! A countdown of Lindfield’s most eligible bachelor’s will be happening in the lead up to the event! The player who has the most ladies in attendance will be rewarded with free rego in 2017, 2nd place gets a case of beer!

A great day of rugby will be capped off by heading to the Greatest Pub on Earth The Greengate Hotel after all clubhouse festivities and then wherever the night takes us after that (most likely the crowie)!
Get excited!!

May 3

Back2Lindfield Day :: May 7th

Published May 3, 2016

One of the biggest days of the Lindfield Rugby calendar is almost upon us. Back2Lindfield Day will be held at Tryon Rd on Saturday May 7th, with the games Kentwell heavy-weights St Pats.

It’s great day to be part of, as Ex-Old Soldiers, families and friends all come together to celebrate the mighty club of LRU. We will have the Jackalope Food Co. back for the BBQ Takeover and plenty of quality rugby to watch, as we let Hills know what Tryon Rd is all about!

We also have 3 Old Soldier Reunions happening! 1976 Burke Cup and the 2001 Robertson Cup teams. If you were apart of these teams; we would love to hear from you.

Please RSVP to this email if you were apart of either of these teams.

Grab you mates, kids, friends and anyone else you see wondering around aimlessly and get down to Lindfield Oval.

See ya there.


March 22

The Kuringai Examiner Report: The Melanoma Cup

Published March 22, 2016


As a spectator, pre-season footy means sinking beers in the sun during an exciting and anticipatory period of the season, watching teams preparing themselves for the season ahead.

Saturday the 19th of March was no exception, Mosman rugby club welcoming Roseville, Lindfield and the Colleagues Convicts to their home ground on Balmoral Beach.

The inaugural pre-season round was yet again in the name of the Melanoma Institute, funds from the day donated towards this great organisation.

Lindfield got a taste of what the oncoming season in first division would be like, matching up nicely with Mosman. Roseville and the Colleagues Convicts got a few hit-outs too, playing against barbarian teams from the other clubs throughout the day.

Mosman vs LindfieldNot only do the Old Soldier’s promise exciting rugby this season, but they have also sweetened the home game deal with the addition of the Jackalope Food Co. Texan Style Sauce with your pulled pork and smoked sausage is a complimenting gift to Saturday rugby (and a few beers).

An air of excitement is clear amongst the Lindfield club, all members with high hopes for the season in the first division.

Mosman always offers great, organised rugby; their unrelenting organisation tending to tire out and frustrate the opposition, as they are just so hard to crack.

The Old Soldiers earned their spot in the Kentwell Cup through sheer hunger, a desire to win which is notable in every weekend.

The first grade hit out at the end of the day clearly expressed these strengths from both teams, the game ending in a draw at four tries a piece.

Both of these uniforms supply good reason to follow the Kentwell Cup this season as they will make their own impacts respectively.

As published in the Kuringai Examiner March 21, 2016 –

February 22

Crescent Head 7’s Report

Published February 22, 2016


Over the weekend the Old Soldier competed once again in the annual Crescent Head 7’s Tournament…From all reports everyone is alive and well!

Game 1 – LRU 26 def Old Bar 0

Ready, set, GO!

The enthusiastic Lindfield starting 7 began at a frightening pace as the bigger Old Bar team were bashed and battered at the breakdown. Forced to secure the breakdown with 4 men in light of the twin jackal threats of Mal Gandar and Eddy Turk, Old Bar struggled to find any room out wide and when an eventual turnover did occur the ball was quickly shifted to the wing.

With his first touch of the ball, in his first EVER game of rugby, Xavier Costa set the ground alight with a blistering turn of speed that resulted in a try down the left touchline. Not a bad start to his career!

From our next penalty tap, Matt Cary cleverly recognised space in the backfield and put in a cheeky grubber that Sean Townsend regathered for an easy score.

The playing styles couldn’t be more different, with Old Bar’s one out hit ups no match for the passing game of Lindfield that continually found space on the flanks. In the blink of an eye, Sean Townsend and Josh Rickard Ford were able to take advantage of our attacking overlaps for two more length of the field tries.

An impressive first up performance.

Game 2 – LRU 28 def Mudchooks 5

Against a much tougher opposition, we spent much of the first half defending as the Mudchooks retained possession through the efforts of their creative flyhalf. The pressuring defense of Felix Buddy saved us time and time again. Pleasingly, every breakdown was ruthlessly attacked by us, and after three legitimate turnovers were controversially ruled illegal by the ref, we lost our cool. Ellis Freedman was unfairly sent to the bin (after some dominant work at the breakdown) and we conceded our first try after being down to 6 men.

In the second half the Sussman brothers ran riot, with Mik and Drew linking on the edges to set each other up for their own tries. With the Mudchooks resolve weakening, Rig muscled his way through the defensive line for a try and Xavier Costa added to his tally with a neat in and away that left his opposite man grasping at thin air.

Game 3 (CUP QUARTER FINAL) – Drummoyne 20 def Lindfield 0

Our reward for topping our pool was a cup quarter final against Subbies heavyweights Drummoyne. For the first time in the day we met our match in the breakdown, with Drummoyne comfortable retaining possession and happy not to contest our own ball. The net result of this was their defensive line enjoyed the benefits of an extra defender effectively negating the speed advantage we held out wide.

Down 5-0 at the break, we felt like we were in with a shot, but an early yellow card in the 2nd half meant we would have to do it the hard way with just 6 men. Drummoyne quickly capitalised with 2 tries and the game was effectively over. Mal Gandar was solid from kick off receptions and McWannell logged big minutes when players wilted around him.

Big efforts all round but outclassed in the end.

Tournament Most Valuable Player – Xavier Costa

A star has been born! Not since Daniel Bozic has a soccer turned rugby player made such an immediate impact. Known for his lethal speed, it was Xavier’s courage in contact that was most pleasing. His efforts at the breakdown in defense had many convinced he was born to play openside, but his nose for the tryline most certainly indicate a hugely successful future in the 15 man game. Well done Xavi!

Congratulations to Josh Rickard Ford and Xavier Costa also on their dead heat in the 100m sprint, beating the fastest sprinters from all other clubs!

Big thanks to Josh Rickard Ford and Manager Cam Smith for their huge effort organising the weekend and ensuring the whole operation ran seamlessly – much appreciated guys.