October 20

(Correction) AGM :: November 9, 2016

Published October 20, 2016

Dear members of the Lindfield Rugby Club,

This years AGM will be held on the 9th of November, 7pm at the Greengate Hotel.

This is your chance to have a say in the make up of the 2017 committee as we build towards our centenary year.

If you have any further inquiries please contact Andrew McWhannell:


+61 415 946 226


Byron Stuntz
Lindfield Rugby Club

October 14

Press Release | 14th October 2016

Published October 14, 2016

Dear Players, Supporters, Sponsors and Members of the Lindfield Rugby Community,

Following the events of the past few months, last night, Lindfield Rugby Club conducted an independent Internal Disciplinary Hearing (IDH) to review the actions of Patrick Lang and Adam Coughlan in accordance with the club’s constitution. The IDH committee comprised a cross-section of LRU Members and the hearing was conducted in a fair and just manner, independent of the sanctions issued by the NSWSRU.

The IDH committee would like to thank both parties for their honesty and contrition towards the impact their actions have had on the LRU Community and we appreciate their desire to move forward for the benefit of the club and the game of rugby itself.

Notwithstanding, the IDH felt it necessary to demonstrate to our members and the wider community that it takes these matters very seriously and that strong action was necessary to deter such events from occurring in the future. As such, the following sanctions have been handed down:

  • Patrick Lang (Recruitment Manager);
    • Five (5) Year suspension from holding any coaching or committee position reduced to Three (3) Years after consideration of long-term contributions to the club.
    • One (1) Year suspension from playing.
  • Adam Coughlan (1st Grade Coach)
    • Two (2) Year suspension from holding any coaching or committee position reduced to One (1) Year after consideration of long-term contributions to the club.

The sanctions are to be served independently and concurrently of the NSWSRU sanctions and do not in any way preclude both parties from appealing those sanctions in the future should they so desire.


In the interest of moving on swiftly, all sanctions were handed down at the conclusion of last night’s hearing and both parties accepted the offer to respond publically, offering the following statements:

Patrick Lang (Recruitment Manager)


Throughout my tenure as President and more recently as Recruitment Manager, I always tried to have the best interests of the club at heart. No malice or disrepute was ever intended to be brought by me upon the Club or its members, I simply wanted to help the club through a rough patch. However, this does not excuse my actions and I accept that I did the wrong thing. I acknowledge that I made an error in judgment and I would like to apologise unreservedly to all of those people who have been affected by this matter, especially to all of coaches and players of 2nd Grade and 3rd Grade in 2016. It is something that will be difficult for me to make up for, but I hope that I can do so at some point in time in the future. Finally, I would like to thank the Appeals Committee for their recent efforts in getting the club on a level playing field for next season and I accept the sanctions handed on me by the Club. I wish the incoming LRU committee all the best for the 2017 season and look forward to supporting Lindfield Rugby for many years to come.

Club Contributions

Played: 2009-2016

President: 2014-2015

Sponsorship Manager: 2013 & 2016

Colts Coach (Robertson Cup): 2013-2014 (Premiership 2014)

Adam Coughlan (1st Grade Coach)


I want to sincerely thank the appeals sub-committee for their tireless work over the past 3 months in dealing with this issue. I am extremely pleased that our club will start 2017 season on an equal basis with all the other clubs in the competition. I also want to apologise to the players, coaches, committee, sponsors and supporters of Lindfield. I deeply regret my involvement in this incident. To the players that were on the cusp and playing finals in 2016 I am very sorry. Finals are a special time of the season in any player’s career and to have that taken away from you is something that I cannot make up for. Whilst I serve the sentence imposed by NSWSRU and the club I will look to have an ongoing positive involvement with our club, hopefully for many years to come.

Club Contributions

Played: 1992-1998 (3rd Grade Blunt Cup Premiership 1997)

3rd Grade Coach (Blunt Cup): 2004 (Premiership / LRU Coach of the Year)

Rugby Director: 2005

2nd Grade Manager (Stockdale Cup): 2015

1st Grade Coach (Kentwell Cup): 2016


The Appeals Committee and Independent Disciplinary Hearing Committee now consider these matters to be closed.

We thank everyone for their ongoing support over the past few months and ask that it continues as we push into season 2017 and beyond. It’s going to be one of the most important in the club’s 98-year



Yours in rugby,

Tristan Warner

Appeals Sub Committee Chairman

Former President (2007-2009)


September 27


Published September 27, 2016


(Sung to the tune of John Denvers classic tune “Take Me Home”)

End of season.. celebration
Almost 100 years …since its creation
Best and fairest ….. players in the teams
Curto reckons he’ll win a gong.. ..ha ha mate in your dreams!

Take me hooooooome…. Down Tryon Road
To a place……where we beloooooong
Lindfield Rugby…..running Rugby
Take me home…..down Tryon Road

That is just a taste of the quality entertainment you can expect at Lindfield Rugby Clubs Annual Presentation Night for Season 2016.

Friday the 14th October 2016 is when the club hands out the best and fairest awards as well as many others to deserved recipients that have put their heart and soul into this great club of ours.

So dust off the “Bag of Fruit” that was last used for the 2015 awards night and put the 50 bucks you find in the pants pocket towards buying a ticket to what will surely be a celebration for the ages.

Get your tickets fast as they are hotter than the tickets that D Mill has on himself!!

See you all there and look forward to raising a glass to our great club!!

Details below

EST. 1920

Venue – Greengate Hotel Killara
Time – 7:30pm till late.
Tickets – (includes a 3hr drinks package and a two course meal, Special guests and live music.)
$110 for players and supporters
$90 for partners

Dress – Lounge suit/cocktail

For any special dietary requirements please message/call Andrew McWhannell on 0415946266 or mcwhannell@hotmail.com

To purchase tickets please click on the following link –


Tickets are limited and selling fast. I would encourage you to purchase now to avoid missing out on what will be a great evening.

Can’t wait to see you all there!

September 16

Lindfield back playing rugby on a level playing field

Published September 16, 2016

Dear Players, Supporters, Sponsors and Members of the Lindfield Rugby Community,

The NSWSRU Board has today issued its decision in response to our appeal of the previous determination of the NSWSRU Integrity Committee.

We are pleased to be able to announce that the NSWSRU Board has reduced both the level and number of sanctions previously imposed by the NSWSRU Integrity Committee. Importantly, whilst the Club will be competing in Div 2 in 2017, the Club will not suffer any points deductions at either the club championship or individual grade levels.
The Club will not, however, be automatically promoted to Div 1 in 2018 should it top the Div 2 table.

In summary:
• The NSWSRU Board acknowledged the Appeals Sub-Committee’s submission that the Management Committee of the Club did not authorise, know of or were otherwise involved in the payments made to Mr Tala Moli totalling $600;
• However, the NSWSRU Board found the Club guilty of breaching the Rules on the basis that the individuals who made the payments were members of our Club, and that therefore the Club should also be responsible for their actions.

The NSWSRU Board’s revised sanctions are as follows:
1. Lindfield RFC will be graded in Div 2 in 2017, and will not automatically be promoted to Div 1 in 2018 should the Club win the Club Championship in 2017.
2. Lindfield RFC’s individual teams/grades will not have any points penalty imposed for the 2017 season.
3. Lindfield RFC will not have any club championship points penalty imposed for 2017.
4. Lindfield RFC is placed on a $10K bond for a period of 5 years, reviewed annually. The bond will be forfeited if the Club or any of its members are found guilty of breaching the player registration rules and/or the Union’s amateur status.
5. LRU’s expulsion from the 2016 Div 1 season (and the removal of the Club’s 2nd and 3rd Grade teams from the 2016 Div 1 finals series) stands.
6. Mr Pat Lang’s ban be reduced from a ‘life’ ban to 15 years.
7. Mr Adam Coughlan’s ban is to remain at 5 years.

Whilst we remain disappointed both with the Board’s findings of blame attributed to the Club and the severity of the sanctions imposed on both the Club and the two individuals, this positive outcome will allow the Club to commence preparations for the 2017 season on an even keel so as to give the Club the best chance for it to restore itself to its rightful position as a powerhouse in the NSW rugby scene in the years to come. The Club remains a strong supporter of the amateur status of the NSW Suburban Rugby Union competition and will continue to seek to promote and advance the game of Rugby Union on the North Shore of Sydney.

This ordeal has obviously tested the Club, its members, sponsors and the broader Lindfield Rugby community in ways that have perhaps never previously been experienced. The support shown for the Club has been monumental. It demonstrates how much the Club means to so many people and certainly bodes well for the strength of the Club going forward as it approaches 100 years in existence.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank each and every one of you for all of your continued support. We assure you that the Club’s energy and resolve to seek to restore its fine reputation is fully charged and unwavering. The 2017 season is going to be the most important season for the Club in its 97 year history. We are confident that the Club will not only survive, it will thrive with the opportunity that has now been presented to it. However, we need all of your help to ensure that this happens.

The 2016 LRU Presentation Dinner has been moved to Friday, 14 October 2016 (previously announced as 7 October 2016) and the Annual General Meeting for the Club is going to be held shortly thereafter. We strongly encourage all members of the Club to attend both of these occasions with a view to kicking off the 2017 season now.
See you all at Preso Night!

Yours in Rugby,
Tristan Warner
Appeals Sub Committee Chairman
Former President (2007-2009)

September 2

Press Release | 2nd September 2016

Published September 2, 2016

Dear Players, Supporters, Sponsors and Members of the Lindfield Rugby Community,

Further to our press release issued on Friday, 26 August 2016, regarding the hearing of our appeal to the Board of the NSW Suburban Rugby Union, we advise that at present we are still awaiting news of the outcome of our appeal

Whilst we had hoped that the decision would be handed down earlier this week, we equally recognise the desirability of the Board taking adequate time to review and consider the merits of our appeal. We remain confident of achieving a proper and just outcome for the Club and its members.

Finally, we confirm that plans are presently underway in respect of this season’s Presentation Night. As always this highly anticipated night is a chance to congratulate and reward all those that worked hard and excelled throughout the 2016 year. It is also a chance to get together with your fellow LRU members both in the respective teams and across the grades and enjoy what is an important event on the social rugby calendar.

We anticipate being able to provide further details for the Presentation Night shortly. Stay tuned.

Yours in Rugby,

Tristan Warner
Appeals Sub Committee Chairman
Former President (2007-2009)

August 26

Press Release | 26th August 2016

Published August 26, 2016

Players, Supporters, Sponsors and Members of the Lindfield Rugby Community,

Last night our appeal was heard before the Board of the NSW Suburban Rugby Union. While their decision was reserved on the night, we are confident the Board now has sufficient information to reach a fair outcome for our Club and the broader suburban rugby community.

An update will be distributed as soon it becomes available.

Yours in rugby,

Tristan Warner
Appeals Sub Committee Chairman
Former President (2007-2009)

August 19

Press Release | 19th August 2016

Published August 19, 2016

Players, Supporters, Sponsors and Members of the Lindfield Rugby Community,

Following the lodgement of our appeal to the Board of the NSW Suburban Rugby Union on 11 August 2016, we have received notice that our appeal will be heard on Thursday 25 August 2016 at 7pm.

Over the past two weeks, Lindfield Senior Rugby Club has received thousands of letters, emails, phone calls, and text messages offering support and encouragement of the club’s standing within the community. We are hopeful of a positive outcome at the hearing that will see our fantastic club continue to prosper in 2017 and beyond.

An update on the outcome of the appeal will be distributed as it becomes available.

Yours in rugby,
Tristan Warner
Appeals Sub Committee Chairman
Former President (2007-2009)

August 12

Press Release | 12th August 2016

Published August 12, 2016

Players, Supporters, Sponsors and Members of the Lindfield Rugby Community,

Further to the press release issued on 9 August 2016, I am pleased to announce the following past and present club members have been formerly appointed to the Appeals Sub-Committee;

Tristan Warner (Former President 2007-2009)
Tim Curtin (Former Club Captain 2006-2010)
Paul Reimer (Former Colts / 1st Grade Coach 2002-2004)
Leon d’Apice (Former Club President 1990-1995, Secretary 1983-1989 and Life Member)
John “Junior” McElroy (Former President 2005-2006 and Life Member)
Karl Nixon (Former Club Captain 1988, Treasurer 1989-1992)

Lindfield Senior Rugby Club is extremely fortunate to have a wealth of experience navigating us through the events at hand. I would also like to thank the numerous other people that have provided assistance over the past week.

With regard to an appeal, I can confirm that, in conjunction with the Club’s legal advisors, a formal appeal of the decision issued by the NSWSRU Integrity Committee on 5 August 2016 was lodged yesterday, 11 August 2016. We now await the response of the Board of the NSW Suburban Rugby Union and will provide further updates as information comes to hand.

It is important that as a community we all come together for each other to communicate and take care of our fellow members. This Club is built on comradery, mateship and love for the game of Rugby Union. Whilst these latest events have tried and tested each of you in different ways over the past week, the Appeals Sub-Committee wants to assure you that everything is being done to ensure that the future of the Club, and the game of Rugby Union itself, is advanced and promoted in the years to come.

Thank you all again for your on-going support.

Yours in rugby,

Tristan Warner
Appeals Sub Committee Chairman
Former President (2007-2009)

August 9

Press Release | 9th August 2016

Published August 9, 2016

Players, Supporters, Sponsors and Members,

Further to the events that transpired last Friday 5th August, a subcommittee of experienced past and present members has now engaged with the NSW Suburban Rugby Union via several informative and helpful discussions regarding the matters at hand.

We are now cognisant of the appeal avenues available to the club, along with associated time frames and requirements. The appointed subcommittee is now in the process of formalising an appeal to the NSW Suburban Rugby Union and further updates on this process will be provided in the coming days.

Unfortunately, regardless of any appeal lodged, the hearing of that appeal will not be able to occur prior to this weekend’s finals fixtures and as such there is no prospect of any Lindfield teams competing in the 2016 finals series.

On behalf of Lindfield Senior Rugby Club, I wish to thank all supporters for their messages of encouragement and reassure you that all steps are being taken to ensure the immediate and long-term success and viability of our great club.

Yours in rugby,

Tristan Warner
Appeals Sub Committee Chairman
Former LRU President (2007-2009)

August 7


Published August 7, 2016

As many of you will be aware, at 6pm on Friday August 5th 2016, Lindfield Senior Rugby Club was informed by the NSWSRU Integrity Committee that the club had been found to have breached the Amateur Status Policy. As a result, amongst other sanctions, Lindfield Senior Rugby Club will not be participating in any further rugby matches for the remainder of the 2016 Division 1 season.

In summary, the findings relate to a player who was remunerated $600 by a member of the Lindfield Committee from his own pocket and without the knowledge of the rest of Committee, to play three 2nd grade games and as a substitute in two 1st grade games.

The sanctions imposed are disappointing for all our players, supporters, sponsors and members of our community, particularly for those teams who were in contention to play finals footy this year. We deeply regret that these events have had such a devastating effect on our mates.

While we acknowledge the findings of the NSWSRU Integrity Committee, we would like to emphasise that the current Committee was unaware of the matters that have lead to this finding until recently. In light of the seriousness of the situation, the Committee considers it is in the best interests of the Club that they stand down to allow an interim board of experienced internal and external Lindfield community members to be formed and consider the best course of action moving forward.

Although the current LRU Committee considers the penalties handed down by the NSWSRU Integrity Committee are excessive and ought to be appealed, it will be up to the interim board to review and determine the most appropriate course of action in the coming days.

Lindfield Senior Rugby Club is proudly 97 years old, having been founded by Australian military servicemen returning home following World War One. This is a tough time for our club however we will come through this hardship stronger than ever. We appreciate everyone’s messages of support.


Byron Stuntz